Six NCPTT staff members presented at Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s (NSU) annual research day on March 20. Presentations included the following:

  • “The Effects of Labeling Methods on the Elemental Analysis of Artifacts” by Anna Johnson, NCPTT intern
  • “Identifying Stone Commonly Found in Cemeteries” by Caleb Johnson, NCPTT graduate intern
  • “A comparative cleaning study for fragile marble monuments after pretreatment with Hydroxylating Conversion Treatment (HCT)” by Stace Miller, NCPTT intern
  • “Comparative Study of Commercially Available Cleaners for Use on Federally Issued Headstones” by Jason Church, NCPTT materials conservator
  • “Effectiveness of Consolidants to withstand Air Pollution” by Catherine Situma
  • “Communicating Strategically with Social Media,” by Jeff Guin, NCPTT marketing manager

For more information contact Mary Striegel.

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