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This article is fifth and last in a series to discuss and illustrate the form, function, joinery and origins of historic American timber-framed roof trusses, showing typical examples with variations. This series was developed from original research under a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

The article appeared in Timber Framing: Journal of the Timber Framers Guild: No. 76, June, 2005.

2004-10  Historic American Roof Trusses: I. Sissor Trusses
2004-11  Historic American Roof Trusses: II. Queen Post Trusses
2004-12  Historic American Roof Trusses: III. King Post Trusses
2004-13  Historic American Roof Trusses: King Post Truss Engineering, an Addendum
2004-14  Historic American Roof Trusses: IV.  Composite and Raised Bottom Cord Trusses

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