NCPTT is conducting a comparative study of commercially available window glazing compounds (also known as “window putty”). There are many different products on the market and, while we would like to include all of them, we must limit the study to the top six compounds. Help us determine the most commonly used glazing compounds by taking our very brief survey.

UPDATE: This survey is now complete. Thank you for your participation.

Research findings will be made available to the public on our website once our analysis is complete.

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3 Responses to Have you re-glazed historic windows?

  1. Andrew Pamenter says:

    Curious to know if the survey has been published – quick search does not turn anything up.

  2. Any further information about the research results?

  3. Andrew, sorry for the delayed reply. The survey is complete and I will share the results with you via email. Otherwise, this research is still in progress. Testing is mostly complete. Once that’s done, we’ll move on to analyzing our data and publishing our findings.

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