Cemetery Documentation

Cemetery Documentation

This webinar  covers the basics needed for Cemetery Documentation. The talk  runs one hour of lecture with a following half hour for questions and answers. Topics covered in this talk  include an introduction to documentation surveys and forms followed by an overview of definitions general needed in cemetery documentation. Definitions covered are the monument types and materials used in cemetery architecture and memorials. The speaker then covers photography tips and finishes with a few basics for cleaning of stone monuments.





There are many great sample cemetery survey forms already developed for download. Here are a few good examples but there are many more available on the internet.

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9 Responses to Cemetery Documentation

  1. Nadia Orton says:

    Thank you for this information. It’s sure to come in handy with current and future projects!

  2. Dallas-Lee Brower says:

    Please send me information on future courses.

  3. Jennifer Rodgers says:

    Is this video available anywhere else? I looked on your Youtube channel and it does not appear to be there.

  4. Any chance this webinar will be captured for remote viewing?

  5. I’m an avid genealogy researcher and one of my passions is visiting graveyards and documenting graves for my research. Many of us contribute to free online grave or cemetery databases such as findagrave.com. This could be very helpful for all researchers to understand a valid standard for documentng graves.

  6. Samantha says:

    This was one of the best webinar I have seen. I am getting ready to work on a small local cemetery and the info you provided and the links to the forms to use are awesome, thank you for doing this.

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