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In 2006-07, cultural resources investigations were undertaken at the Melrose Plantation site (16NA591), Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. This work was done in relation to proposed site grading undertaken to improve drainage around two historic structures, Yucca and African houses. the archaeological investigations included systematic shovel testing, deep auger borings, and the excavation of three 1-m-square test units. The work determined that no significant archaeological deposits would be impacted by the proposed drainage improvements. Construction monitoring followed. No archaeological features or midden deposits were observed during that time.

The archaeological investigations were confined to a very limited area of this National Historic Landmark property, which totals approximately 6 acres (.243 ha). The area examined was primarily to the rear (north) of Yucca and African houses and included .6 acres (.24 ha).

During this work, field observations were made in regard to the architecture of these two historic structures and supplemented with limited historic research. This was primarily done to aid the archaeological interpretations, but also to obtain additional information on the ages, the original functions, and the identities of their builders.

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