This Cemetery Monument Conservation Basics workshop is a partnership between Great Smokey Mountains National Park and NCPTT. It is targeted to the parks seasonal interpretation staff, regular yearly staff, and family members of the cemeteries located at the park. This one to two day workshop will focus on cemetery documentation, condition assessment, master plans, simple resetting techniques, and proper cleaning techniques. The maximum participant is set at 30 students.

This event was cancelled.

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2 Responses to Cemetery Monument Conservation: Cherokee, NC

  1. Mark Timbrook says:

    The cemetery on our campus (North Dakota) has been neglected and is now endangered. I need training on cleaning and simple resetting technigues. It dates from the 1880s forward. Which of the workshops do you recommend? Any idea on costs? Thank you.

  2. Michael Gonzales says:

    Im interesting in comiong to this but, unless Im just missing it, see no information concerning attendance. Can you fill me in?

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