NCPTT has completed filming and production of a new video about the care and preservation of iron fence work found in cemeteries.

The eight-minute video provides basic information for documenting, cleaning, stabilizing, and painting iron fences. Copies of the DVD can be ordered through NCPTT and will be available on the National Center’s website at;

For more information, contact Jason Church.

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2 Responses to Care and Preservation of Iron Fence Work

  1. Anne Allnutt says:

    Hi Jason Church,

    I enjoyed the Sept 4-5 workshop on Cemetery Preservation in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD. The entire workshop was informative.

    I am collecting information on iron fence preservation and repair and would be interested in your video “Care and Preervation of Iron Fence Work” that is mentioned on this website. Is there a link or is this a purchase DVD only?

    Thank you for your information.


    Anne Allnutt

  2. Jason Church says:

    Dear Anne,
    I am glad you enjoyed the workshop, it was a lot of fun teaching as well. The “Care and Preservation of Iron Fence Work” video is available at; or we can send you the free DVD copy. Good luck on your future work.

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