PCMS1991apwCompass to Computer: Learning the Basics of Archeological Mapping


The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and Death Valley National Monument are partnering to host a three-day workshop on archeological mapping. The workshop will be held March 11-13, 2014 at Death Valley Monument. The workshop is limited to 20 participants, so please reserve your spot early. Tuition for the workshop is $350 and there is a reduced rate of $250 for students.

Participants will learn the fundamental of archeological mapping using a variety of technologies and techniques. We will map a variety of archeological sites located across Death Valley National Monument—an amazing setting in the spring. We will start with the basics—a compass and tapes—then move through GPS, survey grade GPS, and finally, total station mapping. Laying out a grid, piece-plotting artifacts and mapping features will all be covered in the three (3) day course.

Instructors include Steve De Vore and Tad Britt of the National Park Service. A block of rooms are reserved at the Stovepipe Wells Inn, which is where we will meet the first day in front of the lobby at 8:00 a.m. Please contact Tad Britt for more information by email at tad_britt@nps.gov or phone at (318) 521-5641.

Hotel Reservations:
Stovepipe Wells Inn
phone: (760) 786-2387
email: info@deathvalleylodgingco.com

When making lodging reservations mention the “Archeological Mapping Workshop.”

Basic Mapping w/ Compass and TapeRegister Today

• Drawing sketch maps
• Laying out a grid
• Creating site plan maps
• Map symbols and pertinent info
• Techniques

o Placing a datum
o Establishing boundaries
o Triangulation
o Baseline and offsets
o Recording /notation
o Creating cross-sections
o Tips and tricks

Using Hand-held GPS Technology to Piece Plot Artifacts and Create Maps

• UTM Coordinate system
• Basic GPS principals
• Capturing a point, line, and polygon
• Annotating features
• Post-processing GPS field data
• Generating maps

Using Total Station Technology to Accurately Map a Site with High Resolution

• Basic Total station principals
• Topographic survey
• Angle and distance measuring
• Vertical and horizontal accuracies
• Data storage/logging
• Robotics
• Continuous topographic mapping
• Downloading data
• Rendering maps

Using Survey Grade GPS Technology to Accurately Map a Site with High Resolution

• Capturing a point, line, and polygon
• Continuous topographic mapping
• Downloading data
• Generating maps

What to bring:

• Compass
• Metric graph paper
• Calculator
• Line levels (2)
• Pencil/erasers
• Plumb bob
• Folding metric rule (2)
• Engineers scale
• Protractor
• Ruler and triangle
• Clipboard
• Sunscreen
• HatRegister Today
• Boots
• Proper clothing for hot days and cool nights

Class will meet first day in front of the hotel lobby at 8am.


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