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  Osteoware is an easy to learn software program designed to assist in the documentation of human skeletal remains. It provides for the real-time data entry of quantitative and qualitative observations into a structured query language (SQL) relational database. When the database is established on a networked server up to five individuals may enter data at the same time.



Prior to the release of Osteoware to the academic, museum, and cultural resource management communities, there was no graphic user interface (GUI) for assisting in the capture of standardized data from human skeletal remains, nor a viable database management tool that would foster the comparison of data collected by different researchers across archaeological time and space. Because of individual researcher needs each investigator has a specialized set of variables specific to their study interests; however, having a common set of core observations is key to establishing broader comparisons among skeletal collections documented by different people. As human remains are discovered during economic/real-estate development, or continue to be repatriated from museum collections, capturing data in a standard format is an essential task; Osteoware provides an intuitive data entry system that prompts users to collect these core observations for study by future generations.

This software was made possible through Grant MT-2210-10-NC-02 from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

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2 Responses to Creation of a website and online community forum for Osteoware: a software application for human skeleton documentation (2011-14)

  1. Don Lewis says:

    I have downloaded Osteoware, Architect, and Manuals 1 and 2. Everything runs just great. Now I want to use my 3D MicroScribe instead of sliding calipers, but can’t figure out how to start. Distances are asked for in the boxes, not the loci from which those distances are calculated. What am I missing?

    • Kris Vidos says:

      Thank you for your interest in Osteoware and NCPTT. NCPTT funded grant number MT-2210-10-NC-02 for creation of a website and online community forum for Osteoware. This work was done by the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Repatriation Office. NCPTT did not participate in the use of the software nor the design and implementation of the online community. Please try the Osteoware discussion forums located at https://osteoware.si.edu/forum

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