TELNPS and WebEx Training

NCPTT regularly hosts TELNPS training.

NCPTT regularly hosts distance learning and training.

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Network is the mechanism whereby thousands of National Park Service employees receive competency-based training at or near their work site at little or no cost to them. The Network has over 230 receiving stations across the Service spanning five time zones. The highly interactive training allows students immediate access to their instructor. This interactivity is the key component to the success of broad and varied training opportunities. The installation of the TELNPS station at NCPTT has provided Center employees and NPS employees from the surrounding area with the opportunity to gain high quality distance learning specific to their jobs at a convenient location.


NCPTT Library

NCPTT Library

Our library contains a vast amount of literature concerning architecture, preservation, restoration, technology and training. It holds publications such as Common Ground, American Cemetery, American Anthropologist, and American Journal of Archaeology. The library also contains hundreds of products that the Center has funded that can be ordered or downloaded through our product catalog.