Introductory Program

The Introductory Program is included as a curriculum model for introducing students to the concept of historic preservation, the language & visual literacy skills needed to work with historic preservation & an appreciation of their immediate environment including their school & local neighborhood.

Topic Module 1: Historic Preservation and Vocabulary

Lesson 1: What does it mean to preserve something?
Lesson 2: What is Penn Station and why is it important in the story of preservation in NYC?
Lesson 3: How does the Landmarks Law protect buildings and sites?
Lesson 4: How did the idea of Historic Preservation get started in the US?
Lesson 5: How is historic preservation conducted at the state and local level?
Lesson 6: What are the different interventions that can lead to the preservation of a building?

Topic Module 2: Visual Literacy and building type identification

Lesson 7: What are the components of a building's fašade?
Lesson 8: What is architectural vocabulary and how can we use it to understand buildings better?
Lesson 9: How can we identify the different building types in the BHSA neighborhood?
Lesson 10: What is meant by architectural style?
Lesson 11: What are some of the architectural styles that can be found in the area around BHSA?
Lesson 12: What are some of the building materials that were used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in Brooklyn?
Mid Term Exam

Topic Module 3: Local Exploration

Lesson 13: How did Brooklyn come to be?
Lesson 14: What are some of Brooklyn's neighborhoods?
Lesson 15: What is the history of Boerum Hill?
Lesson 16: What can the Boerum Hill Historic District teach us?
Lesson 17: What are some of the landmarks in Brooklyn?
Lesson 18: How can we survey and conduct an in-depth study of one landmark?
Lesson 19: What can we learn from historic photographs?

Topic Module 4: Brooklyn High School of the Arts (BHSA) formerly Sarah J. Hale High School

Lesson 20: What is the history of BHSA?
Lesson 21: What is the history of the former NY Times printing plant, now part of BHSA?
Lesson 22: What are WPA murals and what are they doing at BHSA?
Lesson 23: How can we understand architectural drawings?
Lesson 24: How can we survey the BHSA building?
Lesson 25: What is a designation hearing?

Topic Module 5: Final Exam